How to Create Epic Music on

What is Epic music?

Epic, as the word suggests, is anything that signifies ambition, scale, and grandiose. It is often associated with power and heroism.

Epic music typically uses traditional techniques, incorporating classical theory and modern tools to create a grand and cohesive sound.

The compositions in epic music often have a cinematic quality, and they may be instrumental or include vocals, often in a choral or operatic style which aim to evoke powerful emotions in it’s listeners

Where is Epic music used?

Epic music is known for its grand and powerful sound, commonly employed in film, television, video games, and other media to enhance emotional impact.

It is commonly used in film scores, TV shows, and video game soundtracks, contributing to the immersive experience of storytelling.

Additionally, epic music finds use in trailers, sports events, live performances, and online content.

Notable composers and artists in the genre include Hans Zimmer, Two Steps from Hell, and Audiomachine.

How to create Epic music?

If you are not a musician but still want to create Epic music for yourself or for others, you can do it in just a few steps with

In this example, we will show you how to create Epic music with the cinematic genre.

To do this, sign-in and click on “New track”

  • Time duration & Tempo:

    In this example, we have chosen to create a 1 minutes track with a fast tempo.

  • Genre:
    We recommend that you choose the cinematic genre for Epic music, as Epic music consists of cinematic elements

  • Emotion:
    For Epic music we recommend that you choose the Energetic , Motivational or Triumphant emotion.
    We went ahead with the Energetic emotion for this track.

  • Your Epic Music is ready:
    Your track is ready. That’s it. It is that simple. You can choose from the Alternate tracks to choose the best track for you.
  • Your Music Licence:
    Once downloaded, you’ll get a license in your mail that allows you to use the music on youtube to share it with others. You can even choose to monetise these videos you put up without worrying about royalties. However, you are not allowed to distribute the music on Spotify or any other such DSPs

  • Here is the the Epic Music track that we generated in this example,

    Try making your own Epic music on

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